The only True Alternative
HADARTA forms a unique medical model based on the Torah principle of total submission to the Infinite as the key to the healthy body, mind and soul.

HADARTA employs an integrative approach based on teachings of Avraham Avinu's
Sefer HaYatzirah and Torah-true physicians, including Rambam and Ramban amongst others, and uses these time-tested approaches to integrate with classic evidence based medicine.

HADARTA integrates Torah based therapies into the realm of an allopathic approach.  Our practioners possess a deep knowledge of Torah-true herbal medicines which are rigorously researched in the accepted scientific method of today's world.

HADARTA's practioners are available by appointment at:

Boston:    (617) 610-9416
Israel:       (03) 912-9794
email:       drglassman@hadarta.org
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