Transform your physicality into spirituality, and back. Retire in Tzfat

What We Plan to Offer


What we plan to offer*

  • Semi attached cottages
  • Suites in a luxury, though affordable tower with a view of Mount Meron
  • 40 high-end, yet affordable hotel rooms for visitors
  • 500 dunam nature reserve on site with streaming waters and wildlife
  • 2000 sq M of commercial retail space
  • Underground parking
  • A towering promenade

Functional Independence

The focus will be on preventive medicine, maximizing functional mobility and integrative care.  In that vein, portions of the community will  participate in cooperative living, with shared living space, responsibilities and healing gardens, while maintaining independent private living quarters. 

Integrated Continuous Care

Our goal is graceful aging in place.  Even as one's needs may grow in aging, our supportive community will allow you to stay on campus until age 120, and beyond.  Additionally, the community will be consciously designed to integrate young and older ages on site, eliminating age-based isolation, either perceived or real.    In many cases, the community will participate in what WE have to offer, including discussion groups, concerts, creative writing and classes, both secular and Torah related.

Torah centered

Daily shiurim (classes) will be a staple in our community in Tzfat, with both local and visiting rabbis providing spiritual guidance and a Torah path to continued growth in our very own synagogue, meditative center and spiritual space, all within a deeply committed halachic framework.

Physical comfort

There will be a focus on high end amenities in the spirit of North American based retirement communities including: 

Swimming, including free swim and lessons for all ages

Gym including kickboxing, weights, aerobics and Frumba (that's Zumba to the Jewish hits!)

Art rooms, including sculpture, painting, woodwork and stained glass.

Kosher Yoga and Jewish Meditation

Game room, including chess, Mahjong, Scrabble, billiards and more

Libraries: Kodesh and Chol (holy and secular)

Community garden, including vegetables, fruits and healing herbs.

And many more resident inspired activities to be determined.  This list will grow with your interest, because this is yours.


Daily shuttles will be provided locally to the old city of Tzfat and shopping

Additionally, outings will be scheduled, exploring the Holy Land of Israel